Rude Hand Gestures from Around the World [infographic]

Insulting someone out of sheer boredom is never okay! One should always seek to remain diplomatic and thoughtful of those around. One should not unnecessarily insult someone they did not mean to or cause a bar fight that could result in arrests. We should all let those stupid comments slide off our backs and be the bigger person when in the presence of “small” people.

However, there are times when you decide enough is enough! You’re so heated and there are so many different things you want to say to convey your message of utter disdain. Although so often we lose control of our words when we get mad. Our words don’t come out as they normally do and you end up saying something stupid.

When you get into situations like this and you quickly establish your position with “that” person with a gesture; be ready to go for what ever happens– let your actions do that talking.

The universal middle finger is good. It projects what you want to say and is very easy to understand. But does it say enough? Maybe you want to channel your inner Brit, stick up two fingers instead of one for a little more power. Use the rest depending on where you are, but remember that all of these are sure to get you into trouble. You’d better make sure you’re ready to throw down when throwing signs. [via]


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Choosing a Social Media Platform

Choosing a Social Media Platform infographic

Released about a year ago, the Choosing The Most Effective Social Media Platforms infographic was published by Edge Media and designed by Infographics.SG.  Photos, video, articles or text?  Depending on the type of content you are generating, your choices for effective social platforms are different.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn. Etc. So many social media platforms. And so little time. (And manpower. And ideas.) 

There are costs involved to maintaining a social presence. It is vital for brands / companies / organisations to market on the right platform(s) in order to optimize their resource allocation. 

Use this infographic to help you choose the most efficient social media platform(s) according to factors like your goals, target audience and capabilities.

 The design includes a good mix of data visualization methods and the bold colors are eye catching to the audience.  However, some of the charts are difficult to understand.  The polar grid used for the “What Do You Aim To Achieve?” section does not clearly communicate the information to the readers.  I also the the colors should have been color-coded to be relevant to the specific social media brand colors. 

They also leveraged the infographic content into a SlideShare presetnation.  This allows them to utilize the content they already created on another social platform to reach a different audience.


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How Does HPV Affect me? [infographic]

I’m sure you’ve heard of HPV, short for Human Papillomavirus. You just toss it in the category of STD’s and hope you don’t contract it, but there is much to learn about this certain virus. Did you know that HPV is actually a group of over 150 related viruses that can have symptoms ranging from mild genital warts to cancer? Also, around 80% of sexually active people will contract some strain of HPV sometime in their lives. Yeah, seriously.

Cervical cancer is what most of you all think when you hear about HPV’s ability to generate the big C. And that’s a good thing to know – almost all cervical cancers are caused by HPV. The science behind Human Papillomavirus is still under research, but recent breakthroughs have shed light on the link between HPV and cancer. It seems that HPV can rearrange host-cells in your DNA which in turn creates a better opportunity for cancer to take hold.

All this science seems like scary stuff, but don’t be afraid! Using protection like condoms, getting routine cervical cancer screenings and even getting an easy vaccine are great preventatives. Males and Females alike, don’t brush off HPV, prevent it today. [Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center]


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