That would probably be the easiest way to describe Instagram…but it’s really much more than that.

Instagram unearths your creative side and gets it flowing. It allows you to make artistic pictures (or not) even if you always thought you were the least creative person on earth, and last but not least, it makes you part of an international and multicultural community that is really into sharing. Communicating with others is a unique and fulfilling human experience and that’s just what Instagram allows you to do: share your life, feelings, sensations, experiences and advice…

I am @philgonzalez on Instagram. I’m a 40 something, French guy, born in Paris from a Spanish working family. I live in Madrid for many years now. During my day time, I’m a New Media Manager of a Tv Broadcasting company, running 22 Tv Channels and it means, communication through webs, smart TVs, Mobiles, Tablets. In November 2010, through a friend’s recommendation, I discovered the Instagram app.

On a lazy Sunday morning, while I was in bed, I read users wondering about Instagram’s best practices… I suddenly thought I could help them with my knowledge regarding social networks and apps. Since then I have never stopped!

I first started a blog called with tutorials and interviews of highlighted users around the world. Soon people started to write to me and asked me to help them launch local groups with the Instagramers brand. It was a crazy idea. They all enjoyed the idea to be part of a same “independent” family with the same flag. We launched Instagramers Barcelona, thenMadrid and then joined London, Paris, Milan, Manila, Rio, SF, Singapore … – there are 330 groups in the world so far.

And my main first objective on this project was just to try to help people to share their ideas and keep in touch through the web!!!  

I always thought Instagram would have to evolve offering more personal gain than just having a number of followers, likes or Pops but offering more incentives like exhibits, global events or business opportunities for companies. And that´s instagramers first value.

Today, Glyn Evans from brings me an incredible opportunity collaborating with him. For me, is one of the most important references in the world of mobile photography. Every month or so, I will contribute with a short post around Instagram best practises, news or tips. A fresh way to mix iPhoneography and Instagramers in a same column.

Until my next post, you can enjoy this interesting article as an appetiser.

Let´s Instagram the world!

Source: The iPhoneography Blog