Hello lovely peeps! I hope that I catch you at a happy time in your week. WOO FOOTBALL!!! This week’s infographic has a little piece of me in it (like all of them), which is appropriate because it’s my last one *tear*. It’s also kind of a metaphor for the way I hope to go forth in the world and the way in which I long for more individuals to act towards each other. If we could embrace each other’s differences (like the e-book and print book), then the world would be SUCH a better place.

This infographic shows some stats that are helpful and easing to the mind for those of us who are not all about the e-books yet. Although I am all about saving trees, it is true that print books might be the best resource for the young ones trying to master their skills. But, from my point of view, the more e-books, the better! They save the earth!

This infographic should apply to many aspects in our culture—we should be able to coexist! The fact stated at the end of the graphic sums it all up, “Nothing beats a good book”. Have a grand week, y’all and give Diego some love when he comes back! [via]

Libraries are Forever: E-Books & Print Books Can Coexist

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