Listening to music has always been popular with people, so it’s only natural for music to become increasingly prevalent in our lives as our technology for it grows. With the number of smart phones and computers being used on a daily basis now, music has become more accessible than ever before and very much a regular part of our lives. There are many different ways that people can enjoy their tunes with phones and computers, and two of the most popular music apps, Spotify and Pandora, deliver their product using pretty different methods.

Today’s infographic from Mashable gives us a look at the history of Spotify and Pandora as well as the positive qualities and drawbacks for each. For instance, Spotify boasts an impressive library of more than 20 million songs to choose from, but the service is only free for 6 months and then users can only listen to 10 hours per month for free. Meanwhile, Pandora’s setup allows users to learn about and listen to new music, which is great, but there is also no way to rewind or repeat tracks that you may want to listen to again.

For more information on ups and downs for Spotify and Pandora have a look at the infographic below. [Via]

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