Ah, the terrifying world of dating. “Put yourself out there!” is what I always seem to be harping at my single friends when they start whining about being forever alone. “How??” they ask. I simply mean, don’t quietly sit in the corner looking pretty–mingle, talk to people, make yourself known and interested in the people around you. And in a world of online dating, it’s become even easier to do this. You can easily find people in a similar situation as yourself, with qualities you admire, and make people aware when you’re on the prowl.

Coffeemeetsbagel, an online dating website, even mitigates feelings of rejection that often keep people from making the first move. They offer “one match per day at noon,” (“a 1-on-1 match specifically chosen for you.”) and “one day to LIKE or PASS your match.” And they “don’t tell your matches you LIKED them unless they LIKE you too.” This definitely beats walking up to someone you find attractive and being shut down before you have time to make a case for yourself.

And when you score a date, read today’s infographic to interpret his texts. He may be into you, he might want to be your booty call, or he might just be being polite. Texting can be an amazing source of interpersonal communication, but it can also make you crazy. Read today’s guide and don’t waste your time if you start feeling the cold shoulder. There are always others out there. [Via]


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