My Apple Store Home Office

Call me mad. Call me crazy. But I woke up one day around three months or more ago and decided to completely renovate my home study.

Ideas came to me quickly and obviously all are Apple Store inspired.


The Apple pillar structure complete with lit up Apple logo and built-in LCD screen is the room’s feature. I run my Apple TV into this screen and often just let it run through the screensaver (I prefer Photo Wall setting with some of my holiday snap shots and some nice easy-listening music during light work).


I had a replica made of the Fetzer Maple Wood Desk incorporating the interlocking pattern. Only difference is the drawers are real on mine.




Replica Product Cabinet complete with most (not all) of my Apple products I have bought over the years and managed to retain their boxes. I currently have 20+ operational iThings (unabashed boast!!)

In-wall Samsung LED TV runs my 24-hour news feeds. I watch CNN International, BBC World, and I find anti-Obama Fox News very entertaining (For the record, I’m not anti-Obama and quite like the guy).


Shelves are silver anodized and heat-treated for soft shine and finish and more importantly to match the Store cabinets. Every last detail was important to a crazy person like me.


Found this nice design wire-hung light panel to brightly light up the room and give it a spacious feel of the Apple Store.

All I need now is a nice personable gentlemen to don a blue Apple sweater and serve my every whim…”tea or coffee sir?”


One thing I can’t show well in a picture (or I’m just too dumb a photographer to know how to), is that all four walls are glass panels. The wall facing me as I sit is a non-reflective matt finish so I don’t have to see my ugly face as I work. But the remaining three walls are clear glass. 90% of the walls have a white undercoat to give the room a sense of spaciousness, with 10% in Ferrari red to add a little bit of life. Hong Kong apartments are small and this room measures only 2m x 2m, however, the height by comparison is high at over 3m. The concept for glass arose from my passion for using Blue Sky charts and I intend to use the rear wall as a whiteboard to chart things related to projects I’m working on both at work and my personal projects.

If you’ve read up to the end here, I appreciate you stopping by so I could share with you my project that was finally completed after 3 months. If there are any would-be Apple Store Home Office dreamers out there, don’t dream anymore and take the plunge like I have. I am happy to offer any advice based on my experience.

I am not a designer nor a decorator by profession.


350 thoughts on “My Apple Store Home Office”

  1. Rick Taal said:

    WOW! this looks SICK! how did you get that black pillar up there with the apple logo? It just looks stunning!

    • Yes, I second that. How did you get that Apple logo on their? Is it a true Apple Logo cut out (I’m assuming with back lighting?) or is it just a fluorescent white sticker?

    • it looks like one of the displays from BestBuy. I’m wondering if they threw one out and he grabbed it. Normally Apple has stuff like that destroyed. I guess it can be fabricated fairly easy as well.

    • Dude you’er a f**kin clown if you spent that much on Apple products, HAH. I feel bad for your kids cause their dad is a total moron and an unfit father.

  2. It’s the best thing i’ve ever seen for a home setup. I want!

  3. awesome ! 😀

  4. Dude awesome room, but you have……a Samsung TV!


    • Yes you are right, especially now after the verdict. But they still buy key parts from Samsung for the iPhone and iPad so in the same way they keep that separate, my excuse is that I also keep it separate. But know one thing, if they ever come out with that iTV, I’m swapping the Samsung out in a heartbeat.

      • LOL Dude you’er a f**kin clown if you spent that much on Apple products, HAH. I feel bad for your kids cause their dad is a total moron and an unfit father.

    • Dude, he is asian! Give him credit!

    • Why would a samsung tv be a fail..

      dont get it

      because there is no apple television..

      • Apple fandom supposes that anything Samsung present in my room is a fail because they are locked in a lawsuit. I guess people feel I should have bought a different brand TV.

      • The desk is made from scratch. Not real interlocking to keep costs down and it is dyed using templates and left overnight to soak into the wood. Them varnished over the top. Chinese maple wood was used to closely match the Apple desks which are made from US maple. The Chinese maple is slightly lighter in color.

  5. Love this.

  6. I understand how you did the table and shelf, but I’m stumped on how you made the apple metal enclosure (for the tv)? Any incite on how you had it made / made it yourself?

    • The black structure is a blatant copy of the In-Department store Apple stores here in Hong Kong complete with Apple lit logo, in-built TV, and even the speaker holes are the same. Their structures are made of wood and so is mine.

      • Dude you’re the reason why our economy is in shambles. You got enough time and money to put up this stupid blog? You need to stop sending money overseas and get back to work!

      • Anonymous said:

        Whoever you are Justin, shut up and keep you thoughts yourself. People like you are the reason others can’t see some amazing things. You make people afraid to share some awe-inspiring projects.

      • Justin’s a cheapo that’s what. Apple is pretty good. Better than Dell that’s for sure.

      • Justin’s the cheapo.

    • The pillar is not a metal enclosure. The entire thing is made of three-quarter inch thick wood. Not unlike making a clothes cabinet actually. The front panel is hung onto four hinges from the inside so they are hidden. The Apple logo is half-inch clear acrylic with white translucent sticker underneath and flanked by three vertically-oriented flourescent tubes attached to the inside back wall. The TV is also attached to the inside back wall. I made a recess underneath the TV measuring 325mm in height initially to hold a few books. if i could do it again, I would not make this recess.

  7. Brytan Mendes said:

    u should have a mini bar and call it the genius bar!

  8. Looks great! Where did you find that light panel?

    • Thanks! I had the light panel specially made. I had a designer render the shape and a friend who runs a company building brand store window displays to make it.

  9. Sad…. why would you want to make your home office look like a shop?

    • Good question. It was more a design challenge/project rather than wanting it to be a shop. I chose the Apple store theme as their stores are designed to inspire through simplicity and clarity so I wanted to create a room that would inspire new ideas for my company and also personal projects I work on.

    • David blackman said:

      That’s an easy answer. The apple store is not just another retail store. It’s a work of art unto itself. So David has created a work of art for his home. Any apple devotee would understand that.

  10. Just as long Apple doesn’t try to sue you for copyright infringement, you’re ok. (I love it!!)

  11. very abstract and yet comfortable to operate in such an environment. Love what you did with your home office.

  12. I am disturbed

  13. That chair doesn’t look very comfortable!

  14. Love the setup for a home office, but I’d be more than curious to ask the cost of a remodel like this for a personal setup. This would be a dream of a home office for myself, and possibly a future project if life allows.

    • It was around HK$100,000 (US$12,820). I think with more effort at the negotiating table, I believe it can be accomplished for no more than $10,000. Bear in mind these are Hong Kong & China costs as things are much cheaper here in Asia as I’m sure you know.

      • Hey david, how do you aspire to aspire? Recursive aspirations? Sounds to me like a lame excuse cause you got conned into buying a bunch of Apple junk. LAYME!

  15. Lou Marich said:

    I, like you, have a very large number of all things Apple, starting with the original Mac+ (I am just a bit older :-)). Thank you for inspiring me with an idea on how to display my Apple gear as well as increase the wow factor of my study.

  16. Looks great. Apart from the electronics, how much time did you end up spending on collecting/making all of the furniture and also how much money? Estimates would do.

    I am mostly interested in the table and the shelf and would like to see how you got them made. Thanks.

    • From when I conceived the idea, through planning and to eventual completion was 3 months. Desk is around HK$12,000 but I can’t find the breakdown for the cabinet right now. I didn’t spend too much effort at the negotiating table as I was more interested in getting the furniture design perfect without constraints. My friend is a decorator for some big brand names and does their store window displays. He took on this request/job of mine in his own time.

  17. Like all obsessions, they are a teeny tiny bit unhealthy.

  18. Where did you get the desk?

  19. I’d love to know how you got that table made. I have been searching for one like the Apple Stores forever now and maybe custom is the way to go. Any advice on it? Or anywhere to find them online?

    • I searched online before and only found one company that made the desks but they were in the US and charged up to US$8000. Asides from them, and as far as I can tell, there is nowhere to buy this desk. You have to be lucky to have a friend who is a carpenter and does it as a living so he has the network to find the right materials and labour to make it for you.

  20. Can I ask how much this all cost?

  21. well done…. wish i had an apple store in singapore… hmmm

  22. Even though it looks great, but judging by all the money you’ve spent on that kind of stuff makes me totally ignore your Kickstarter campaign. Itdoesn’t seem like you’re in need of funding..

  23. Mike in Florida said:

    Simply beautiful

  24. Very Nice! Where did you get all the packaging? Although being an Apple addict myself, I wouldn’t find it odd to have 11 iPhones!

  25. Steve is moving a little bit right now, just he is a little bit honoured right now 😉

  26. Wow! What an unimaginative imbecile.

  27. Wow! Absolutely nothing “sad” about your design! What a great, calm workspace. It is great how it reflects things you are passionate about (Apple products and design, your family pictures, etc.). Your walls are genius too! Great job!

  28. Very fun undertaking it looks like and you got out of it someplace comfortable to work. The haters will criticize, but I do not know many that work from home that would not appreciate the clean workspace you have built.

    One thing I dislike about having the printer on the desk is that when printing a project having that printer work always vibrates the table, and I like to have the printer on its own isolated table. You have a great opportunity to build a nice wood enclosure for the printer to really clean up that desk.

  29. Steve is moving a little bit right now, just he is a little bit honoured right now 😉
    One more thing: Great job!

  30. Where did you get the desk? I really want one, though it’s probably out of my price range.

    • I had the desk made specially based on my specifications. Cost me HK$12000 (around US$1500) but it really depends on what style, size, and quality you’re looking for. It can be made for cheaper I believe. Bear in mind these are Hong Kong/China prices.

  31. Thats really cool! I especially love the black pillar with the illuminated logo.

  32. Let me buy an iPhone!

  33. Looks great but where did you get dummy boxes? (or are they real and filled)

  34. You put all that in a 6.56 foot by 6.56 foot room.

  35. The drawers on the tables in the apple store are real too, but they are cash drawers, can’t open without an Easypay.

  36. Leon Speegle said:

    Very cool! And thanks for posting. I can now prove to my wife that I’m not so bad after all. 😀

  37. LoL.

    It may be a shop but there is something soothing having it all to yourself. Kind of like the pool table and low hanging beer branded light in the typical “man-cave.”

    I second the vote for an Open Genius Mini-Bar…. A recliner… And a dead-bolt! Even dads need a time out on occasion. Teach the kids to text!

  38. Lovely work. Looks like you’ve got a great office for creative work.

  39. leon Beyder said:

    Can you elaborate on how you put the black structure together? Material used, finish, internals?

  40. Wow, you sure are a brand whore.

  41. this is by far the best office setup ever. I’m just wondering how many iPhones have you bought?

  42. szstudios said:

    You should use the 360Panorama App from Occipital

  43. great job. most people don’t even get past the initial idea – self included. impressive.

  44. What do mean by the drawers on your desk are real? So are the ones at the Apple Store, only they are locked cash drawers. ;-p

    • Yes I know that now. Just when I checked the ones in-store, they didn’t open and I didn’t know about the EasyPay as I don’t think we have that payment method in Hong Kong yet.

  45. Very impressive! But do you really own 10 iPhone 4’s?

  46. This is amazing. Great Job!

  47. How ever cool is your Apple Store office! BIG SMILE! Well done!

    Auckland NZ

  48. Without wishing to offend, snark, or otherwise indulge in the usual net standard of vicious ad hominem attacks against total strangers, I must confess I’m horrified.

    The notion of copying a corporate environment in one’s home suggests an emotional, spiritual, and aesthetic bankruptcy so profound as to lead to ontological quandaries such as self-rape.

    Truly disturbing.

    • No, what’s actually disturbing are people like you. Would I do this in a million years? No. But he did something he felt passionate about. Nobody was hurt. It gave him pleasure. Maybe he’s inspired by Apple’s innovation, philosophy, culture, and products. Many people are. The extreme words you use are unecessary and ridiculously hateful, to describe a project such as this. Self-rape? Seriously? People have set up shrines to much weirder shit, and stuff much less worthy of praise.

    • No, what’s actually disturbing are people like you. Would I do this in a million years? No. But he did something he felt passionate about. Nobody was hurt. It gave him pleasure. Maybe he’s inspired by Apple’s innovation, philosophy, culture, and products. Many people are. The extreme words you use are unecessary and ridiculously hateful, to describe a project such as this. Self-rape? Seriously? People have set up shrines to much weirder shit, and stuff much less worthy of praise.

    • Whoa, whoa, whoa!

      See that little safety switch on the side of your thesaurus? That should be on at all times.

    • No – you sound really disturbed, like mentally disturbed. Please take a long look into the mirror before making such judgmental claims on anyone, no less on a person you have not met or know in person. Your display of arrogance of high horse needs a lot of toning down and acceptance of understanding different people around you.

  49. Really, really impressed. What an inspiring environment!

  50. With all the custom furniture I bet it’s an expensive office. Any idea how much you spent (excluding electronics)?

  51. Francisco said:


  52. Awesome room! All those custom pieces of furniture must have been expensive. How much was the desk? And is this a home office or a workplace office?

  53. David blackman said:

    I am green with envy. This is the most awesome home office I have ever seen. Congratulations. Wonderful job, you are inspiring. Now, #1) you are not ugly. In fact, you are quite a handsome man! #2) the tall black pillar w/ the LED screen is genius. #3) turn off fox news!!!! You may think it is entertaining, in fact it is toxic!!!

    All the best
    David Blackman (admirer from Las Vegas, Nevada)

  54. Looks awesome. Very creative on your part to see how far you can duplicate the Apple Store without going overboard with it.

  55. Love it!

  56. When I have my own home, I’ll have it this way too. 🙂

  57. “I am not a designer nor a decorator by profession.” – i can tell

    walseysaid:Sad…. why would you want to make your home office look like a shop?

    davidwu9999said:Good question. It was more a design challenge/project rather than wanting it to be a shop. I chose the Apple store theme as their stores are designed to inspire through simplicity and clarity so I wanted to create a room that would inspire new ideas for my company and also personal projects I work on.

    Dude what’s wrong with you? Don’t you have a personality? What’s your company in to? Selling apple products? Do you work for them? C mon

    • In keeping with my promise to answer all comments that have a question, I will attempt to answer these questions to the best of my ability. I don’t mean to offend in any way.
      1. Dude what’s wrong with you?
      Well, I could be a better husband, father, and Son. I do try and somedays I improve and other days I make mistakes. At work, I try to be as fair as I can but I do end up being too assertive sometimes and wanting my own way. With my friends, I guess I can contact them more often and care about them more. There are many other things that I consider are wrong with me but I aim to improve every day. The other day, I saw an old lady cross the road, and I didn’t help her.
      2. Don’t you have a personality?
      I think I do. I try to live life as happy as I can be and also try to infect that on others. Doesn’t always work with everyone but such is the fascination of mankind. We are all from the same origin, just that everybody’s different.
      3. What’s your company into?
      We design, develop, and build video gaming accessories, smartphone & tablet accessories, and mood lighting products. All manufactured in China and sold all over the world.
      4. Selling Apple products?
      5. Do you work for them?
      6. C mon
      OK, where are we going?
      That last one was a joke. Sorry…just trying to keep this light-hearted, but seriously, your points are all valid and I respect them. You keep me on my toes. Thank you for your honest comments.

  58. Isabel Castaneda said:

    I love the concept but, are those boxes or did you really bought 4 iPads, 10 iPhones and 3 Apple TVs (as far as I can see)?

  59. What kind of wood was used for the desk? It looks great!

  60. Your comment in regards to your drawers being “real” and the ones in the apple stores being not real catches me off guard..

    of course the drawers in the apple store tables are real…

    sorry if I confused your statement but that is what it sounded like you were saying

  61. NZMichael said:

    You are mad! But in the very best way 🙂 Very cool…

  62. It’s Just incledible! Congrats!

  63. Mark Rutherford said:

    I understand completely and I agree simplicity and clarity. Clean lines and crisp design. From: Nova Scotia, Canada.

  64. This is great! I am definitely going to try and get some of this in my own home office.

  65. I would like to commend you on a job well done! A very inspired home-office design, indeed!

  66. Absolutely love it – you’ve done a great job. Would you be at all interested in writing a tutorial type thing of the materials you used and things to help people, like myself, who are interested in doing a similar thing?


  67. AppleFanHi said:

    I love it! I thought of doing similar but I wouldn’t have the slightest idea how to go about it.

  68. Beautiful! Do you do contract work? 🙂 I would love to redesign my office like this! Not only is this a stunning work, but I admire your dedication to accomplish such a big project. You are very inspiring.

  69. David, I love your home office. I haven’t really read about who you are but I assume you are in HK? I really love the interlocking feature on the desk. May I know how can I get one in HK?

    perhaps you do open house sometime? i love to visit your home office =)

    • You can’t buy this set up in Hong Kong. I designed the room and had each piece specially made to my specifications. Research was easy. Just visit the Hong Kong Store.

  70. This is awesome! Amazing how well you’ve used the space!

  71. did you consider swapping out the tiles to the gray ceramic (not sure on material) tiles that are found in many apple atores ? also perhaps the removal of the base moldings would give your office a more streamlined and zen-like look…just a thought.

    • The gray metallic wall I considered but felt it would have made the small space look smaller and claustrophobic. Oh My God, you’re absolutely right about the base moldings. I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks!

  72. Hi i was tinking of getting a table same as your so can you tell me where can i get the table that you have..

    • I think there is a company in the US that makes replica deals by they cost up to US8,000. Otherwise you can’t buy this set up. I had each piece tailor made by a builder friend who builds brand store window displays.

  73. Steve Job is smiling up there !

  74. Michael Gilmore said:

    Sweet! You’ve inspired me to rework my office.

  75. Brilliant job, love it!

  76. Great work for Apple´s Law Consultants!

  77. As much as I love the Apple Store, this is just DUMB!!

  78. I gotta share here… this looks amazing! But a point of clarification… the drawers in our tables at the Apple Store do work. They just have to be opened with an EasyPay device.

  79. This is great. I just pinned it:

  80. Bernard Huera said:

    Wow that’s was really a cool home office..

  81. David, you are not mad or crazy! You see a future, I think after 1 or 2 years you will have followers all over the world and people will design their home and offices like you.
    Thanks for creativity!

  82. Great job man…I always thought of build something like Apple Store in my home office but was unable to do so, your blog post will help me do it 🙂 Just look out for Apple Lawyers, dont let them sue you.

  83. Ummmmm…. You have a Samsung product in there… Careful you might get sued for having Samsung so close to Apple products…

  84. Dude this looks amazing but PLEASE put a strip of electric tape on the Samsung logo of the TV. Otherwise it kills the apple setup.

  85. you have way too much time on your hands

  86. Nikolaos chatzopoulos said:

    Wow! I love the idea. It looks awesome. I am a fourth grade teacher in a 1:1 iPad school, and you gave me an incredible idea. Will you provide some support If I were to completely redesign my classroom to look like an apple store?

  87. Truly sad someone would bend over this much to take it up the ass from apple. I would suggest you find your own inspiration, not just go off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings

  88. 1. You have WAY too much time on your hands!
    2. In spite of #1, I think this is FAR OUT!!! I absolutely love it and am highly envious of what you’ve done here!!!
    3. Take it from a gay man… You do NOT have an ugly face!!!!
    4. Again, I love what you’ve done! I’m sure the cost must have been insane as well as the time involved, but I think this is BLOODY BRILLIANT!!!

  89. Hello everybody,

    This is David.

    Firstly, let me thank each and every one of you for taking the time to comment to, and showing your appreciation for, my project here. I have enjoyed immensely reading them and I am truly humbled by every one.

    Secondly, I must admit that I never knew I would receive so many comments in just two days. To this end, if your comment had a question, I will answer all of them and ask that you be patient as I work through them one by one and get back to you as soon as I can.

    With best personal regards,

  90. Hey I’ve tried making the apple style desk but I haven’t been able to… I was wondering how much the desk cost

  91. people that have nothing to do

  92. He should just cover up the Samsung with an Apple logo of some kind.

  93. iClock…
    At 800 MHz.

  94. Hi David,

    congratulations from Germany. I like what you done..
    You had an idea, a dream and you realize it. and that’s not crazy 🙂


    P.S But you must do something with the Samsung, that suites not perfect 😉

  95. just want to ask if you are living in hong kong right now. i am also from hong kong, which district that your home is located?

  96. WOW! Great job. I like it.

    From Indonesia.

  97. In France we like it too ! Nice job !

  98. Greeting from Korea
    I heard about your home office, so I visited here
    It’s so awesome!!!!!
    I want to challenge, like your home office and I share this post.

  99. piteurparkeur said:

    hi i’m a rich sheep, here is the proof

  100. HI,

    this is really awesome and leads me to some modification of my office? Could you please tell me how you made the black wall? Is it made of wood? I would also be interested how can I get such a table.

    thanks and enjoy working 😉

    • The pillar is all wood with four sides and painted black. The front panel hooks onto four metal hinges from the inside so they are concealed. The Apple light is made of clear acrylic and there are three one-foot fluorescent tubes oriented vertically on the inside back wall that lights up the logo. The LED TV is secured and positioned also from the inside back panel. I added the opening underneath the TV initially to showcase some of my favorite books. I don’t recommend this if you’re looking for a clean simple look.

      • I think I will build this pillar for my room. Could you please share some more photos ot the pillar? Or could you send me them via Mail? I think you see my adress

  101. interesting, but if he needs to play a nice GAME, must install Windows on his Mac! #troll 😀

  102. You should remove “Samsung” products 😉
    Or apply stickers provided in each Apple product box …

  103. Aren’t you afraid that Apple is going to sue you for copying their store design? 🙂

    • Well all I can say is that I’m not doing this for any commercial benefit, as in I’m not making any financial gain from this room. Except for a little personal internet exposure (or notoriety based on some people’s comments), it’s just one little room in my little apartment. I don’t know. Somehow I don’t see this as being anywhere on Apple’s legal radar. But who knows, hey?

  104. David, your home office space with the Apple Store theme is like the ultimate “mancave” for the dude who loves Apple. What you’ve done is like what sports fans do in turning their personal private space in their home (den, office, garage, whatever) into their own personal “mancave” packed with all sorts of memorabilia but it’s all Apple in your situation. The only one bit from all this that would be the closest for me would be my collecting and displaying Apple boxes!!! Ignore all the haters out there who don’t understand what you’re doing. Cheers to you from California!

  105. This is white, this is chirurgical, there is no humanity… nothing.

  106. Wonderful! Good job, David.

  107. A veru beautiful place !!! Et c’est un français qui le dit, donc forcément il a le goût sûr 😉

  108. rebeldawg2k12 said:

    I’ve got to say this is a really nice set up. You deserve a lot of respect for the work you put into it.

  109. Totally crazy! Special wood and light? I didn’t know Apple stores have this material!

  110. Hmm, what a good idea, but why Samsung LCD monitor 🙂

    • Regardless of the Patent disputes, Samsung currently make the best design HDTVs in my opinion. But if Apple ever comes out with their iTV, I’m swapping out the Samsung in a heartbeat!

  111. Wow that’s awesome!!! Can you show us a pic of the whole room.? I have a home office that I too want to remodel and now you’ve given me some ideas to make it clean and decorative.

    • The photos on my blog capture already 90% of the room. I just didn’t shoot the doorway, or the entire back wall which is just another three panes of clear glass with white undercoating. The room was not ideal as it doesn’t have windows, which to me is essential for any room. But I had no other rooms that I could use. This also contributed to my decision to use glass for the walls to create a larger and brighter atmosphere. Oh, and one more thing, I didn’t show the air con unit. Instead of fitting the glass around the air con unit, or cutting a hole in the glass for the air con unit, I removed the air con unit altogether, fitted the glass with the unit’s screw points already drilled out of the glass, and then fitted the air con unit on top of the glass for a cleaner look.

  112. Proof Apple fanboys are unoriginal faggots.

  113. HAHAHA. Awesome. But I bet you must be iSued by the Apple!

  114. Totally Fanboy…

  115. I am not an apple fan, but have to admit it is tidy and classy.
    But, you can just change your chair, not very confortable for a desk 😉

    • Sorry about the chair. I totally agree but it was just my dining room chair to use temporarily. I haven’t found the perfect chair yet but still looking. If I can find more time, I might design the chair myself…😊

  116. Max Thoenessen said:

    Is the table selfbuild? Can you send me the Plans of them to please?

  117. It’s nice to see someone driven to accomplish a want. Nice work. Very happy for you

  118. I’m not an Apple guy, so I don’t care much for that. But, design and execution is awesome. Make that in a Nintendo or Sega (probably Sega, they’re awesome!) theme, and I’d love it even more. Well, done!

  119. Oscar deBarge said:

    Wow! Not only is this a good “Apple-Store” office, it is a good office, period. It is “calm”, clean, bright. Hopefully you have enough desk space to lay out your papers/ books, etc?

    • I have since moved the printer to the floor underneath the desk. I purposely didn’t want those stacked drawers either side of the desk underneath so placing the printer there was OK for me. Thanks!

  120. EPIC waste of time and money. The design and execution is a rip-off and you should be sued for copyright infringement.

  121. AWESOME!!! Very, very creative… It is not just the designs, but the creativity put into recreating materials for this.

  122. I’d be interested in speaking with your friend that made the furniture. I run an Apple repair biz and would love to have him make some stuff for my shop. Thanks!

  123. Gene Rogers said:

    Do you have any papers in your office? If so, where do you keep your paperwork?

    • Well, I try to keep my paperwork to a minimum and I don’t use the room to store any previous work. I work on one project at a time. Never two projects together. This minimizes the clutter and also helps me maintain my focus. To this end the two drawers in the table are sufficient for my needs.

    • Ruth Mabilangan said:

      I guess you have another office in the building (maybe because you are an Asian). In the Philippines, some maintain a cool kitchen for the “exclusive use” of the lady of the house, and another “dirty kitchen” where the daily meals are prepared by the maids. Just guessing…

      • I am Asian but am 100% English inside as that is where I was raised and spent more than half my life. I don’t have another office but I wish I did because the rest of my household uses it more than me now!


    • I think you totally miss an essential point:
      Like most of the people you stack your desktop in the darkest corner of the flat, like looking for the best basement-like place.
      No window, no plant

      my computer stands just right in the middle of a room and I have 2 windows in front, 180 degrees view to relax watching the city, not beeing the head in a wall.

  125. VERY beautiful …… but why? You have done an amazing job but I fail to see the reason behind this. I must be getting “old” …. LOL…. well done. (but still, I find it a little disturbing…… the monolith is a bit over the top.

  126. Watch; he’ll get sued.

  127. Pingback: Anonymous

  128. This is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing. The Apple Stores have a very calming, simple, minimal & sleek aesthetic.

    David, haters are going to hate. Let them do what they do best. You keep doing what you do best. 🙂

    Keep sharing your passions & projects. Inspiring and entertaining.

  129. Glad to see asians have jobs and make enough $ to build something like this while the white Americans who created the industry are living in tent cities and starving.

  130. FYI, Wakjob, the old white fat American robber barons who have all your money are building things a lot more palatial than a freakin Apple store. Hint: Donald Trump is their poor, lazy cousin.

  131. stunning~

  132. Wow. You need to open your eyes. Oh, and you’re using a Samsung TV. Nice.

    I know about iSheep but you’re definitely an iShepard.

  133. Is dis clown good for anything?

  134. wow O________O

  135. Your iBolisk seems to be making me want to pick up an iPad and brain you with it.

  136. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read anything like this before. So nice to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for starting this up. this website is something that is needed on the web, someone with a little originality. useful job for bringing something new to the internet!

  137. This is grat. Thanks for sharing!

  138. I love reading through an article that will make men
    and women think. Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

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  141. Not the West End Whingers said:

    I really, really think you need to get out more.

  142. You can definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The arena hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  143. WOW ! Do you have more picures ot the pillar? Or pictures on building ? Thanks

  144. wow nice gadgets and tech.. love this things..

  145. Where’s the glass staircase ???

    • Hi Big Ben, I originally wanted to make two shelves on the wall with the same glass steps in their staircases but it was too costly and heavy. I searched for an imitation fiberglass replacement but could not find anything to my satisfaction. I know you we’re joking but I thought I’d tell you anyway. Thanks!

  146. Mr. Wu, I am very interested in getting some more intricate detail about your project so that I too may create my own Apple Store replica office. Please email me so we can discuss your project in more detail.

  147. Hi David, I love what you have done with the office. please can you send me a link where I could purchase the iclock.

  148. Dear David, My name is Jon Weeks and I am an undergraduate Journalism student at University College Falmouth in Cornwall, UK. I am currently writing up my dissertation which is based on Apple blogs (The title: iPod to iBlog: How the blogosphere has built up around companies and brands) and I am looking to interview a number of Apple bloggers as part of my study. Are you able to answer a few questions for me if I forward them to you (via email)? It would be a great help to my dissertation! Cheers, Jon

  149. Hi David, Im moving to a new house soon, around june of 2013. Im a big apple fan, i believe you’re, too. I have been searching for some materials and ideas to be given to the interior designer to design my room to be like an apple store. Can u please reply to this post when you see this so that i could ask more about it, if you’re willing to tell me more. My biggest problem is where to find such a glowing apple logo, can you please help me with this. thanks, Koh.

  150. “Think Different”… right ?

  151. Great Job man.. I liked it. actually i’m planning to make it just like you.. i really liked the apple pillar.. i shall be thankful if you could send some more pics on my mail so that i can show the same to my team.

  152. This is really the third article, of urs I really
    browsed. Still I enjoy this specific 1, “My
    Apple Store Home Office | David Wu” the most.
    Regards ,Carina

  153. Nice job!
    Here are the iPad acrylics and headphone stands.

    I have them on my night stand.

  154. How did you redo the desk?
    I’m moving and have always wants done like that.
    Also, what wood is it made of?

  155. akozaxijj said:

    What a sad bastard.

  156. Very good I want a Apple Store in my house like that, but only one question:
    The drawers open pushing or you to do like in an Apple Store, that have to enter a pasword in the iPhone for the drower oper?

  157. Todd Press said:

    Who made the replica desk? We have been looking for one as well.

  158. Andrew MacDonald said:

    As a massive Apple fan (I have their logo tattooed on my arm), I can really appreciate the efforts you’ve gone to with this! Love the pillar with the light up logo!

  159. Sսperbe post : pour ne paas changer

  160. OK. I’ve tried to do it. Just the table. My version sucked but it was incredibly solid. The most important element for me was the maple finish. And the proportions. The maple was approximated using veneered plywood. The proportions — not so much.

    When you are ready for a glass stairway to heaven, here is the engineering info in detail.

    • Thanks Thomas. Thanks also for the info. I actually originally planned to make shelves with the same material as the stairs. So essentially two acrylic steps as shelves but I couldn’t find the right material that I was satisfied with so didn’t do it eventually.

  161. I have commissioned a local artisan to build me a table like those at the newest stores. Mine isn’t going to have drawers or have so much chord management because it will eventually be used as a dining table. I sent him this link! I hope it gives him some good ideas. Thanks SOO much for the passion you show for Apple’s design! I I know it’s not just the electronics that give people inspiration there like me.

    • Hi there,

      I had the apple logo laser-etched using clear perplex (acrylic). Then I added thin white translucent paper underneath to give it the white look. Behind this are three vertically placed 12″ fluorescents lamps for back lighting. Hope this helps!

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